Waweru & Associates  renders competent and sound professional services on all types of projects fully applying the experience gained over the last 41 years to ensure total economic and spatial contentment of the individual and corporate client and the community within which the project is located.

With this experience we are able to deliver a building that not only meets the functional and aesthetic but also endears to promote sustainable design practices with little effect on the existing ecology, enhance the profession and contribute to the improvement of human living conditions.

Architectural Consultancy

We offer the full range of architectural consultancy services through site analysis, brief formulation, conceptual design, detail design, site supervision and project handover. Other important roles include lead consultancy which is essential in co-ordination of all members of the design team, contract administration and project management. The types of projects handled range from commercial, institutional, industrial, residential and infrastructural.

Interior and Landscape Designs

Additional architectural services include interior design and landscape design. These comprise selection and location of finishes and furniture, office partitioning, colour scheme co-ordination among others. The conscious design of the indoor and outdoor environment ensures a harmonious project is achieved where the landscape is intertwined with the built form.

Land Use Planning

Waweru & Associates has a vast experience in Land use planning ranging from small, medium to large acreage of land. We put into perspective the client needs within the context of the past, the present and the future given the available resources in order to come up with allocation of land to uses that ensure sustainability, maximum return on investment and ingenious response to demands placed on the land by upcoming trends within the volatile construction market. Categories under this include housing schemes, airparks, institutional master plans, irrigation schemes and sports facilities masterplans.